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Here in the forest, we combine 3 pure and simple ingredients - spring water, organic soybeans and tempeh culture - to produce the best tempeh in Costa Rica.
Unlike mass-produced food, the hand-crafted tempeh we make in our conscious kitchen is prepared with care and respect for you and the environment.  The traditional methods not only produce a tastier, superior product, they also allow us to bring you this ancient delight while keeping our footprint small. 

Tempeh is a versatile, delicious, and satisfying food that is a part of the solution needed to today's strange world.
We make your tempeh when you want it and deliver it straight to your kitchen!



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Do you own or manage a restaurant? 
Your vegetarian guests are tired of TVP, and meat and potatoes people hate squishy tofu.
But tempeh is different!  "Nobody doesn't like tempeh."

ffer your patrons a better meatless meal than ever before.  Tempeh is very satisfying, cost-effective, and will make your customers happy!



  • Tempeh is easy to integrate into your existing menu.
  • Tempeh is easy for your chef & crew - no special techniques.
  • Tempeh is fast-cooking.
  • Use as a direct replacement for meats in familiar recipes.
  • Offer tempeh as a meatless entree.
  • Suitable for most all cuisines and types of dishes.
  • Delicious fried, sauteed, baked, or grilled.
  • Use in soups and stews, or make into dips and spreads.
  • Perfect for burgers, 'tuna salad' sandwiches, BLTs & more!
Please allow us to share some tempeh with you?  We're sure you'll quickly see just how much tempeh will appeal to your patrons.

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